We take this solemn opportunity to introduce ourselves to your esteemed concern to render our services and solicit your co-operation. We are a steel Fabrication and Erection contractors situated in UAE. Our main work fields includes Fabrication and Erection of EOT Cranes, structural works etc. Our work – force consists of qualified and highly experienced Mechanical Engineers, Foreman, Qualified welders, Fabricators, Painters, Fitters and semiskilled labours. Our customers are valuable source of inspiration that has helped our wings to spread wider and higher. Now, we are looking forward to the new millennium with continued determination and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and interrupted growth.

Burj Al Minaal is professional in a wide range of sheet metal parts, in addition to systems for stamping, bending, punching, laser processes, we also offer systems for laser cutting and laser welding applications, in every new development we adapt to customer’s need to obtain a product with high quality standard by our cost effective, reliable manufacture solution, we will support you with all of your sheet metal projects from the design to complete production control.